Hardware for implementing Warewolf

Computer hardware

A typical warehouse setup has workstations where goods are packed and shipped and has mobile devices used during picking, stock taking and put away. Workstations are often desktop PCs and notebooks or similar for mobile actions. Warewolf processing is optimised for a standard 10.1 inch screen providing users with the information they require in a convenient format. Of course, bigger screens are even better for management functions in Warewolf but are not essential. For mobile operations, devices need to be connected by wifi to the internet. It’s worth checking signal strength in the far reaches of your warehouse as a booster may be required.

Barcode scanners

Barcode scanners are inexpensive with many examples to be found on eBay and similar. For workstations, we suggest that a USB cabled scanner should be suitable.

Make sure that the cable is long enough for your needs.

For operations in the warehouse, your team may find cabled scanners inconvenient and that Bluetooth or similar cordless devices are more appropriate.

Scanners should be suitable for EAN, Code 128 and UPC formats.


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