Spot checks

A spot check is a quick lookup of product details and inventory which allows the user to update inventory on the fly. Spot check is available from all but scanning screens.

In the menu bar search box, scan a barcode or type in part of a product name. Warewolf brings up a list of relevant products. In this example, the search term 'futura' was used.

Follow a product link to the product information screen.

Search returns products by location so be sure to click the right link if you are interested in inventory levels.

To view inventory locations and to change inventory values, click the gear icon in the 'in stock' or 'on hand' box (top right) to open the amend stock modal. Use the +/- buttons to change values. Where inventory is held at multiple locations, use the +/- buttons for the relevant location. Provide a reason for the change and click OK. Warewolf creates a stock take count for the item which will be review by a manager prior to updating the Brightpearl inventory level.

Reminder. In stock is stock allocated plus stock on hand. The quantity allocated cannot be changed in spot check.

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