Stock take counting

From the stock take screen, open a count by clicking on its reference or tick its box then click 'count'. Note, a count can only be opened for scanning when the count is active and has the status ready, or on hold.

Where the count was setup with the location guide set to reveal, the count screen shows the action button 'to-do'. Click it to show the list of locations that should be visited during the count. Alternatively, if the reveal guide was set to SKU, the guide will show the relevant SKUs and their expected quantities.



When creating special selection, top seller or high value count, set the location guide to 'SKU' to enable users to know what thwy should be counting.

Close the guide and Warewolf will be ready for scanning. By default, the scanning quantity is set to 1. The value can be changed to scan outer quantities. Eg 12, then each barcode scan will add 12 to the count.

Don't forget to change the scanning quantity back to 1 when finished.

Start by scanning the warehouse location barcode. If that location is not part of the expected count, Warewolf will give a warning message. Then scan a product barcode. The product is part of the count, Warewolf adds the product to the top of the scanned list. Where the product has been previously scanned, Warewolf brings it back to the top of the list and increments the count by the scanning quantity value.

The count of any row can be changed by tapping the +/- buttons or by over-typing the value in the field.

The row may be completely deleted by hovering over the row and clicking the delete (X) button at the end of the row.

The count can be parked which changes the count status to 'on hold' and returns the user to the stock take screen.Useful for interruptions and breaks.

When the count has been completed, the submit button changes the count status to 'ready for review'.

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