Stock take review

The purpose of review is to provide managerial control and oversight of the stock take process. In review, managers accept or reject counts or rows within counts. Where rows are rejected from a count, Warewolf puts them into a new count for the warehouse team to re-count; accepted rows are sent to the channel as inventory updates. Accepted counts trigger immediate channel inventory updates. Rejected counts do not trigger channel inventory updates.


Select the batch to be reviewed in the stock take screen and click 'review' to open the review screen. Warewolf fetches the current channel inventory values and compares the stock take count with channel count and shows the quantity variances by SKU.

In most cases, the money value of the variances is of interest. Warewolf lets you choose which price list to base the variance values on. Select a price list from the dropdown then select 'get price values'. Warewolf fetches the channel prices and refreshes the screen.


The top row shows a summary of the count with each row detailed below. By default, all rows are ticked on the assumption that will all be accepted. Of course, it may be obvious that some products have been missed from the count or the quantity variance is unexpectedly large. It may also be your organisation's policy to re-count rows where the variance is above a threshold.

To reject a row, untick it. Warewolf adds a note field  to the row so that comments may be recorded.

After reviewing the count rows, the options are to reject the whole batch or to accept.

On reject, no inventory updates are made.

On accept, inventory adjustments are posted to the channel for ticked rows. Rejected rows are pulled out of the count and put into a new 'rejects' count for recounting later. The count status is set to 'complete' and you are returned to the stock take screen. If rows were rejected, the new count will the rejected rows will now be visible as a 'special selection' count.


The 'summary' action button shows the count grouped by option within product name.


Remember, before reviewing a count, make sure that all inventory within the scope of the count is free of allocations in Brightpearl.

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