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Perhaps you are a consultancy specialising in warehousing logistics for businesses needing to setup new warehouse operations in new or existing facilities.

Your clients could be seeking turn-key solutions and you design efficient layouts, specify racking and handling systems, project manage delivery and implement operations software.

Consider Warewolf because:

  • It is proven to be reliable and out clients like it
  • It’s fully scaleable and cloud based
  • We can implement integrations to clients’ existing systems quickly and cost effectively
  • You can setup the hardware for Warewolf, label up warehouse locations and train warehouse teams in a tight time window before inventory starts to arrive.
  • The Warewolf partner programme provides you with a share of Warewolf's recurring income for your business


Systems integration

For many systems integrators much of their work is retailer centric bringing disparate systems together into seamless solutions for their clients. The software industry has changed dramatically over recent times making cloud based products the ‘go to’ solution. In turn, this evolving environment means that software OEMs can increasingly focus on developing very high quality functionality in their specialist field rather than spreading their resources too thinly over a wider product portfolio.

And this is where you add value. As a systems integrator, we understand that you cherry pick the best products from many OEMs and integrate them to create a solution that is greater than the sum of its parts.

The Warewolf partner programme allows you to benefit from our expertise and support and to share in the Warewolf revenue stream: The cherry on the cake.

ERP / EPOS / Ecommerce provider

In the fast changing world of ecommerce nothing stays the same for long. You have to be experts at what you do and recognise that partnering with experts in other organisations is strategically a great way to enhance each other’s bottom line.

At Warewolf we can be your partner that provides a great warehouse management system, are fully committed to customer lead continuous improvement and we provide excellent technical support and advice.

Consider this about Warewolf:

  • Choice of business relationship
    • Warewolf on your app store as a value adding enhancement with revenue share
    • Full background integration (white label) with enterprise licensing
    • Arms-length third party integration via our API
  • Accessible and knowledgeable team that want you and your customers to succeed
  • Sales and marketing collateral to help you sell-in to your customers and prospects
  • Tap into Warewolf’s sales effort to sell your own products
  • Training provided by Warewolf and a train the trainer program for your implementation team
  • End user focused support documentation and videos
  • User forum for self-service issue resolution
  • Cloud hosting
  • Simple licensing and billing and control over client accounts

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